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May 5, 2012
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:Night Sky: by Cittyy :Night Sky: by Cittyy
My Tommy Dragon!

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Okay... So as I know your skills in art and your style of doing thiings, I think this is very advanced piece of art for you. Here you can almost taste the improve and success you have gone through with it and that apsolutely is a good thing. I really like the scales, and how they fade softly in shades of a dragon. The pose is beautifull.

STILL There are as many things to improve as there is good things. you sure know how to use scales on dragon, so I wonder is it that you are lazy or is there some bigger reason why wings don't have any squamous texture in them? I and many others would have loved to see scales in wings too. Now they stick out like a sore thumb in the picture.
Hmm.. The sky. I love the colors and contrast it gives to dragon, but again I think that if you have to practise something, then it would be the night sky. Try different references as you paint it. Night sky is more than just some blue here and there with few stars popping out. There are small stars and big stars. Whirls and curls. Well.. but I like your clouds.

I would want you to think source of lightning again as well. Now it seems that light is coming from some where below the dragon but I think the moon is still brightest light source in that sky.

Nonetheless, this sure is one of your best works ever and you have improved greatly! Just don't quit drawing. Don't give up.
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Here we go.

First off, I want to say that it's obvious that you put a lot of time and effort in to this drawing. I can tell that this has been a more advanced piece that you have made, and that you are probably really proud of it. Good job! I'm proud that you have made this. That being said, I want to give you a bit of feedback that will have you keep improving your art. If this in any way seems harsh, I assure you that I don't mean to be. :)

Vision: 4.5/5
Like i said, it's obvious that you spent a great deal of time planning for how you wanted this piece to look. Good job on imagining a interesting pose and background.

Originality: 3/5
It's a dragon. In the sky. Not super original. :)

Technique: 2.5/5
Let me break technique down into a couple of categories so I can help you out.

a) Shading- I see that in the background, there is a bright moon. The moon is supposed to provide the light, right? However, it's weird how you shade the dragon to make it seem like the light source is directly in front of it. No. The light source is directly in the back, therefore you should have lighting/shading that directly matches what is going on in your background. Be sure to study from real life references (like real night time scenes so you can have a better sense of lighting).

b) Background- It seems as though you really rushed through the background. That's a big no no. You spent so much time making intricate details on the dragon that the lazily-looking compiled background really takes away from the piece. I'm not saying that the background should be super detailed or anything (that would also take away from the piece), but if you spent a bit more time referencing how the night sky looks, and taking more time on making your clouds, it would be an overall better piece. Really, referencing helps. Why do those clouds have random lines sticking out them? Clouds are soft and wispy, but not to an extend that they look like they have fur. Also, your backdrop is a bit awkward. Most of your stars are lopsided and no circular. The look like you spent no time on making your stars and that they were an afterthought.

c) Details- It's obvious that you spent a lot of time defining each and every scale on the dragons body. That's cool. But it's not really super necessary. There is a bit too much focus on the detail and is visually distracting to the viewer. To make the piece more visually appealing, work in the 'whole'. Don't try and overwhelm yourself with details that the viewer might find distracting. Let me show you what I mean. See this picture by *neondragon here: [link] Well, it's obvious that the dragons have scales. However, the scales are visually distracting and NeonDragon simply 'hinted' that yes, the dragond do have scales. Try to think about how your piece looks like as a whole, and not as much on the details.

d) Wings: Keep practicing. Remember that it's OK to use references.

e) Color: Keep practicing. You'll get better. Personally, to me, the colors aren't appealing at all. The dragon is green and brown and orange and red against a blue and turquoise and white and black background and the optical mixture is really distracting. Keep practicing. Familiarize yourself with color theory and the color wheel. It is your friend.

Impact: 2.5/5
Keep practicing, I know you can do it! Work on your colors to make apiece that is visually interesting!

Overall, I am quite proud of you for making this piece that might have been out of your comfort zone. Keep practicing, use references, and familiarize yourself with color theory, shading, and economy of design. Good job! :)
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In my opinion you guys should not have made ​​this criticism:

1 'PocketMutt you are not the best designer of this site to criticize and I bet you got a lot worse than him.

2 'Grypwolf you tanbem not the best designer of the site alias you have photos that are not fancy and the more you began pessimo tanbem

Everyone has its beginning and it is never perfect and you two should not criticize because you do not have such a high degree of perfection.

Cittyy's progressed well you keep improving. I really like your drawings
I asked myself that Grypwolf would give me critic.
And im fine with it when some people see, when im used to
see mistakes with my style. Surely i improve in time. ^^
Cade scales on the wings?
Theres no scale on the wings XD
Na minha opinião vocês dois não deveriam ter feito essa critica:

1' PocketMutt você não é a melhor desenhista deste site para criticar e aposto que você começou bem pior do que ele.

2' Grypwolf você tanbem não o melhor desenhista do site alias você tem fotos que não são caprichadas e mais você começou pessimo tanbem

Todo mundo tem seu começo e ele nunca é perfeito e vocês dois não deveriam criticar pois vocês não tem um grau tão elevado de perfeição.

Cittyy's você evoluiu bem continue melhorando. Gosto bastante de seus desenhos
silvermoon2222 May 11, 2012  Student General Artist
that is so awesome looking! ^^ i love the detail in the shading and scales, it amazing! :) <333
Thank you =) It was awful to do :lol:
silvermoon2222 May 12, 2012  Student General Artist
awww ^^ well your work paid off i guess! :)
Yep. Looks like it :D
silvermoon2222 May 14, 2012  Student General Artist
:D <33
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